How To Make A Spicey Margarita Gimlet

A jalepeno and basil… Ummmm Margarita ? Gimlet? Maybe something in between? 🤔😜🙃

Whatever you want to call it – Here’s how to make it…

💚 1.5 oz Gin – you can use a popular gin brand
💚 .5 oz Cointreau
💚 2tsp Jalepeno infused sugar-syrup
💚 Fresh basil & mint
💚 Fresh juice of half a lime
💚 Sliced jalepenos from the jar (and some brine if you like it dirty😋)


How To Make

Add to a shaker with ice, shake, strain, serve… It’s as easy as that!

And when it hits the lips…. You’re in zesty spicy heaven!

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